Swimming Pools, Waterfalls and Landscaping Water Features

Water has, for centuries, been a key element in landscape design because of its beauty, aesthetic and life sustain qualities. Sunset Oasis understands the calming and therapeutic nature of moving water, water features and waterfalls, as well as the pleasure that can be derived from looking at a pond.

We specialize in water features of granite, stone and spill-over pots, water walls, sheer descents, as well as large nature rock waterfalls. Sunset Oasis has the means and the expertise to design and build a large variety of landscaping water features Las Vegas and waterfalls that meet or exceed expectations while satisfying any budget. In addition, we have designed and built a broad range of fire features and outdoor fireplaces.

  • Natural and Man-made waterfalls
  • Sheer descents
  • Waterwalls
  • Spill-over pots
  • Ponds