Vegas Landscaping Design and Consulting

Landscaping is much more than just placing a tree or plant where it “fits.” It involves organizing and developing a site to maximize utility and enjoyment, while creating a visual relationship between the home and the site while reducing, as necessary, landscape maintenance to a practical level. A superior Las Vegas landscape design should be an extension of the indoor living area providing personality, style and functionality, while enhancing design because of its beauty, aesthetic and life-sustaining qualities.

We meet with Architects, Home Builders, Homeowners and Contractors. We specialize in taking an integrated project from the design phase to the completion of installation. Sunset Oasis focuses on developing a plan that achieves the client’s vision within budgetary and existing environmental circumstances.

Our Landscaping Design Process

At Sunset Oasis we start our design process by listening to you. How do you want to use your outdoor space? Do you want a quiet area to relax from the stress of the day or a large open space for your children and pets to play? What colors, textures, and scents do you enjoy? Design decisions about the landscape of your yard are very important and must be tailored to your personal preference and lifestyle. In order to fully enjoy spending time outside, your landscape design should match your personality and be uniquely you. That is why we pay close attention to every detail and deliver custom individual designs for our clients.

A successful landscape design must be compatible with its environment and climate in order to thrive. With decades of experience designing superior outdoor spaces in Southern Nevada and Orange County, Sunset Oasis is your professional landscape partner. We are experts creating beautiful lush spaces able to thrive with the water levels and temperatures of your area. See the benefits of our extensive knowledge in an outdoor space designed from the soil up to be low maintenance, water smart, and full of foliage. Talk to us today about getting more out of your yard with a beautiful custom landscape design.